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What Does Q3i2 Do?

Are you a government agency, organisation or business?
Do you capture information about your clients, staff or other individuals of interest that can include:
  • Name details

  • Contact details

  • Client activities

  • Compliments / Complaints / Inquiries


Are you interested in identifying if any of your clients, staff or other individuals of interest may be committing offences that breach your policies, regulations, or acts, including (but not limited to) :
  • Abusing client / staff priviliges

  • Stealing stock / products

  • Financial theft


Q3i2 offers training and/or analytical services and data cleansing solutions/services using IBM i2 software to analysts and investigators in government agencies, organisations and businesses to help them in identifying high risk clients and networks of individuals who may be committing fraud, breaches of security, or other offences.


Q3i2 is operated solely by Sabrina deSouza, an IBM i2 specialist, formerly the principal trainer and senior consultant with Visual Analysis for over 10 years in AustralAsia (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Macau). Sabrina is internationally known for her in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of the IBM i2 analytical software used by analysts and investigators. Sabrina also has an uncanny understanding of data, which enables her to grasp what is required to cleanse data quicker than most other users. 

Consider this example: 

  • TURNER, Alice 432 Music Blvd, BRISBANE, QLD 0411321456 

  • SMITH, John David 16 Smith St, DARWIN, NT 08 12345678 

  • JONES, M R Unit 156, 837-839 Red Ave SYDNEY NSW 0412 211 556 

  • BROWN, Russell F 12/14 Flint Drive, PARAP NT 08-32145678 

  • DAVID-JONES, Mary 156/837-839 Red Ave, SYDNEY, NSW +61-411 321 456 

  • JONES, Michael 12, 14 Flint Drv PARAP NT (08)12345678 

  • STEVENSON, Tania 16 Smith Street, DARWIN NT 0832145678 

  • FORD, Peter 432 Music Blvd BRISBANE QLD +412-211-556 

If you are an IT analyst, you will see raw data. 
If you are a Business Analyst, you will see contact data of people. 
If you are an Intelligence Analyst / Investigator you may see 2 or 3 potential networks. 
What Q3i2 sees is if the poor quality data is standardised / cleaned first, in this instance, there is just 1 network of 2 people with a lot of potential aliases.

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