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Purchases of this software will be arranged with an IBM i2 Business Partner associated with your country.

Discounts may be applied depending on volume.

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IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook
Analyst's Notebook

Premiere analytical and visualisation tool of the IBM i2 suite of software. Seamlessly interacts with all IBM i2 software.

  • Create association charts to visualise how entities are connected.

  • Create network / connectivity / cluster charts to visualise how networks / groups are connected.

  • Create temporal charts to visually identify simultaneous or sequential activities.

  • Analyse data to find commonalities, trends.

  • Use of Social Network Analysis features to identify high risk nodes within a network.

  • Map geo-spatial or address information in Google Earth.

  • Conditional Formatting to automatically change the way entities or links appear on the chart.

IBM i2 iBase

Customisable off-the-shelf analytical database with seamless connectivity with IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, IBM i2 Analyst's Workstation and IBM i2 TextChart.

  • Customised entities, links, attributes, picklists, icons.

  • Create reports of entities and their links.

  • Schedule data Imports / Exports into / out of the database.

  • Customisable GUI queries and browse definitions.

  • Scored Matching for profiling data.

  • Set analysis.

  • Automated alerting.

  • Audit trails.

Data Miner
IBM i2 Analyst's Workstation (Data Miner)

Note:   This application is only supported to version 8.9.5 due to SQL Server Analysis Services

Data Miner tool that allows the analyst to create cubes over the IBM i2 iBase data. Works seamlessly with IBM i2 iBase and IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook.

  • Use the Data Miner component to build a cube using the data within the IBM i2 iBase database.

  • Build cubes based on single entities / linked entities / transactional data / semantics (multiple entities)

  • Different ways to analyse cubes, with multipe columns / rows.

  • Aggregates and grouping of data in cubes.

  • Build statistical charts / graphs / tables from your analysis to be used for your statistical reporting.

IBM i2 iBridge

Note:   This application will no longer be supported by IBM by end of 2019

Configuration tool that allows end users to visualise raw data from another database as entities and links in IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Pattern Tracer


  • Create a visual interface to view records from your existing database using Analyst's Notebook.

  • Create dumb-bell queries (entities linked to other entities) that can be saved and shared with other iBridge users.

  • Create sets to save query results and share with other iBridge users.     

IBM i2 Pattern Tracer

Note:   This application is no longer supported by IBM

Lightweight tool to analyse up to 10,000 telephone call records and identify patterns.

  • Store basic information about phone call activities with timings include user information (if known).

  • Visualise the phone call data as an association chart or timeline chart.

  • Automated feature to identify repeating patterns and clusters within the phone call data.

  • Customisable time windows to identify deviations from the pattern.

IBM i2 TextChart

Note:   This application is no longer supported by IBM

Tool that allow users to mark up entities and relationships from unstructured textual records. Includes ability to automatically identify new files and RSS feeds that contain key words / targets of interest.

  • View unstructured files (DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, RTF, CSV, XML, HTML, etc..), select (mark-up) information of interest within the document(s) and create assocative connections or temporal activities of the entities mentioned in the document(s).

  • Occurrence feature to keep track of how many times the information is referenced in all the different documents.

  • Customiseable user palettes, entities, links and attributes.

  • Use of customisable Target Lists to automatically identify target entities / phrases of interest when a document is loaded in TextChart.

  • Automated TextChart can be used to monitor folders on a network or RSS feeds and notify the users of files and Analyst's Notebook charts that are created / updated that include Target List items.

  • Create TextChart based on an existing iBase database for direct connection (upload and download) into iBase.

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