Training In IBM i2 Software

Training in Analyst's Notebook can be provided on site using a generic law enforcement training manual. No additional cost for developing the course would be incurred.

A generic training manual is currently being created in iBase User, iBase Designer, iBridge User and iBridge Designer.

Alternatively, customised courses can be developed to suit your requirements. An additional fee may be incurred per day.

iBase Database Designs

A customised iBase database can be built to suit your requirements, including customised picklists, icons and associated Analyst's Notebook template(s).


Designs can be based on current data sets used by the analyst / investigator, including forms, reports and queries. Designs can also be based on data sets from external data sources / database extracts.

iBase Data Cleansing Services

Data cleansing services to standardise data sets such as names, dates, phone numbers, addresses, accounts, vehicles and email addresses using IBM i2 iBase imports / exports.


IBM i2 iBase can be used to de-duplicate the data and thereby assist in identifying commonality or networking / syndicate relationships.

iBridge configurations can be created with an associative and / or temporal theme to allow the end user analyst / investigator to interrogate any database visually through Analyst's Notebook. The configuration includes an associated Analyst's Notebook template and customised icons to suit your requirements.

iBridge Database Configuration Designs
Customised Icon Creation

Customised icons can be created using existing i2 icons or royalty-free clipart/images as a base and the image edited to suit your requirements. This is useful for charting different images that are not provided with the IBM i2 suite, such as different female/face-less occupation images, new phone images, banking / credit card images.

Customised Icons
Analytical Services

Analyse raw information and provide analytical associative and/or temporal (timeline) charts using IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook.


Report on findings may include statistical charts depending on volume of data.


All data not retained by Q3i2 at completion of analysis.

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