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What Does Q3i2 Do?

Q3i2 provides services and training in analytical and data cleansing solutions using IBM i2 analytical software. The suite of IBM i2 analytical software can assist analysts and investigators in visualising raw data as entities and links using associative / networking charts or temporal / timeline charts.

Large volumes of data can be cleansed and de-duplicated using iBase. Data saved in iBase can be edited by the iBase users and additional links or merges done without affecting the external data source. iBase databases can be customised to suit the data being imported and the analytical output.

Transactional data from databases containing millions of records per day (such as transactional activities or telecommunication activities) can be interrogated using iBridge and visualised on an Analyst's Notebook chart as read-only records.

What Does Q3i2 Mean?




IBM i2 software.

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